Wheels for All identity

Wheels for All, formerly known as Cycling Projects, has a new identity as part of the charity’s rebrand.

Wheels for All is the national inclusive cycling charity, that focuses on empowering people of all abilities to cycle on their terms. The locations around the UK are known as ‘Wheels for All’ centres and this prompted the re-branded which better reflects the charity’s ethos.

As well as the rebrand, we also researched and secured the perfect domain for Wheels for All – www.wheelsforall.org.uk

The new identity is a circle split into sections to create the shape of a spoked wheel. The coloured sections represent a coming together of individual groups to enable and support Wheels for All. The colours indicate the range of groups involved in Wheels for All. These groups include: occupational therapists, sports development specialists, local councils, Primary Care Trusts’ care support staff, volunteers and service users’ parents, relatives and friends. The Wheels for All title aligns with the purple section, which is the organisation’s brand colour, and puts the charity at the centre of the support group.