Ecommerce Website

With more and more people buying online, ecommerce is a growth area. In the UK, online retail sales grow year on year. So, whilst the high street may be suffering the online world is on the up which means that if you’re considering building or updating your ecommerce site, you couldn’t be doing it at a better time.

Designworks has created ecommerce sites which sell a range of products, including: toys, socks, collectiblesmembership, tickets, wood fuel, training courses, agricultural suppliessoft furnishing and gourmet vegan meals.

Site requirements vary and there is often a need for unique web functionality. Adding functionality, can be labour saving and make a website more streamline. Examples of improved functionality, include:

  • A customised filter for the ABCC’s (Association of British Cycling Coaches) membership database. The filter gives the Association much more control over their database for sending emails and providing member access to files or pages. Members’ subscriptions are automated and membership cards are created online as a PDF. Relevant information is taken from the members’ data and is positioned within a PDF template which is then printed and posted to members.
  • A ticketing and booking system for Lakes Aquarium. The website allows visitors to book in advance for same day, next day and + 2 day tickets.
  • A subscription based membership system for Kendal Cycle Club. The site assists with the membership management and exports an Excel doc with a list of current members. Subscription payments ensures that membership is paid annually.
  • An e-commerce site which links to Opera 3, an accounting and business package. Downland uses Opera 3 to manage various aspects of their business and required integration between Opera and their WordPress site. This was achieved through the use of a bespoke WordPress plugin which links the two systems.

If you’d like to discuss your e-commerce requirements, we’d love to hear from you.