App Development

At the most basic level, an ‘App’ is simply an application – it’s a piece of software that does something – whether that’s for business, education, communication or entertainment. All the apps we develop are multi-platform and work on iOS and Android.

The number of mobile app users is growing with the shift in computing use from desktop to mobile platforms. This growth in the app market is monitored by Statista and it provides an interesting insight into mobile usage and app trends.

We develop native and mobile apps. A native app is installed directly on the smartphone and works with no internet connectivity. A web or mobile app works via a smartphone’s web browser and requires internet connectivity to function.

Native apps, unlike mobile apps, take full advantage of all the device features — camera, GPS, contacts, Bluetooth and, most importantly, they work offline.

We have developed native apps for:

If you’d like to find out more about apps, we’d like to hear from you.