Bespoke Web Design

Often a standard website isn’t sufficient for the needs of every business. Sometimes a client requires additional functionality that’s been tailored specifically for that site. A bespoke website can make a site more streamline and save you time by performing tasks that are often done manually.

WordPress, our CMS of choice, is very developer friendly so it’s easy to manipulate the back-end of the site. Our skilled team can enhance your business and achieve much more by designing and developing a unique website specifically for you.

Some of the bespoke projects we’ve completed, include:

  • Displaying a job feed in Google Map for Pizza Hut Career’s, The site uses GPS so mobile devices display the closest available jobs to the user’s location.
  • Developing an ecommerce system for Downland which links with their Pegasus Opera 3 accounts package.
  • Importing a third party property feed into a website for Edwin Thompson. The feed required extensive customisation so it displayed the information required by the client
  • Utilising Google Map for the networks within the Electric Bicycle Network. Our solution gave the client the ability, within WordPress, to add hire and charge points in Google Map. As well as appearing on Google Map the points can also be shown as a listing.
  • Building a career’s website for The career’s site provides information, in a fun and informal way, for anyone seeking details on job opportunities and associated employment benefits at The site uses bespoke features such as games and video, enable to engage with their target market.
  • Creating an intranet for Howells Solicitors which includes business support ticketing and a referral system as well as a library and noticeboard.

If you’d like to see your website work harder by providing you with additional functionality then we’d like to hear from you.