Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two of the most recognised ways to generate visits to your website. SEO uses various techniques to improve the organic or main column listing within the search engine results page – including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pay Per Click or PPC is paid advertising, which displays your listing within the sponsored results in the side column and at the top of the main column.

SEO techniques include:

  • Content creation – the more informative and detailed the content, the better. If search engines perceive your content as useful and relevant then it will rank better in search results.
  • Content promotion – once the content is created, it must be promoted. This can be done in various ways: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitters etc.), paid advertising (Facebook and Instagram ads, promoted Tweets) and blogging.
  • Conversion optimization – isn’t concerned with attracting more visitors to your website, but on capitalizing on existing traffic by getting visitors to take a desired action once they have arrived. Clear messages, useful navigation and the right content all contribute to conversion optimization.
  • Technically proficient website – visitors who have a positive experience on your website are more likely to share, bookmark and revisit your website, all of which can serve to boost performance on search engine results pages.

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