Magazine & Newsletter

Designing for a magazine and newsletter is a very involved process. After the content, the design is the most important element and a good design will draw the reader in and create interest.

Producing a good design requires a range of skills in design, layout and typesetting. We also consider how the publication will appear in print, on the web and for smartphone and tablet devices. Some of the publications we produce appear online using our turning page software.

When creating a magazine or newsletter, we make the following design considerations:

  • A Masthead that stands out and conveys the content.
  • A strong image for the front cover – choose a photo that is recognizable to your target audience and creates interest.
  • Font Usage – consider using only one to two font families in your articles; one for the headlines and subheads, one for the body text. The body text needs to be clear and legible.
  • Page layout – create a column grid to allow text to flow on the page and for accurate placing of images. Margins are also important as they’ll keep the text away from the edge of the page.

We have created magazines and newsletters for schools, organisations and businesses. View our portfolio to see our range of magazine and newsletter designs.

If you’d like to discuss your magazine or newsletter requirements, please contact us.