Hello everyone – Hello Monday!
It’s business as usual and all about settling into new routines. Leonie and Rory are based in the office whilst the rest of the team will be working from home.
The photo of the kids, helping Rory at the office, was taken on 6 April 2013 – it made us smile. It’s important to find things to make you smile at the moment. The kids are here in the office again, whilst we trying to keep some sort of routine. We are fairly busy at the moment but we rely on the wheel to keep turning. Our hearts go out to many of the businesses and organisations who are experiencing their world changing beyond recognition. We hope that the measures put in by the government will help everyone pull through this difficult time.
Take care, Stay safe and keep spirits high finding things to make you smile!
If you need any help with your marketing or communications during this difficult period then please get in touch – we’re here to help.