We have designed and developed a new website for Alertacall – an organisation leading the way in clever contact technology for the most vulnerable in our society.

The website www.okeachday.co.uk is a B2C site for Alertacall. The technology is perfect for older people, or anyone with health conditions who live on their own, who like to be in control, want to feel safer and want to help reassure friends and family. OKEachDay users can press the button and check in during the day. If a call isn’t received from the user then one of the friendly team will call to check they are ok. If contact isn’t made then a chosen family member or friend is notified or, if necessary, emergency services called.

1000 OKEachDay products are on offer to the family of NHS and frontline care workers for the rest of 2020. What a wonderful thank you! 🌈