Staveley Community Ebikes website

Staveley Community Ebikes is the first community e-bike scheme of its kind in the UK. It provides subscribers with access to an ebike 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The scheme targets local people, living and working in Staveley, with an opportunity to use an ebike instead of a car for short journeys. Staveley Community Ebikes is a pilot project with the aim of rolling it out to other communities across the UK.

Designworks developed the WordPress website and bespoke booking system. The subscription-based online booking system would usually be sourced from a third-party provider. In this case, the client couldn’t find a suitable system that matched their needs which is why a bespoke booking system was built. The system allows for different subscription types and the bikes can be booked for 1 hour slots every 15 mins. This means there is a 15 min buffer between bookings to allow for electrical charging and maintenance.