Primary Technical College branding

“Where one mixes creativity and technology, rich innovation can occur.”

This is part of the vision and brief for the Primary Technical College branding.

The Primary Technical College brings primary schools and industry together, by offering up to one-week long, project-based sessions dealing with real problems in the world of STEAM.

Designworks created a concept which represents play, exploration, tinkering and the coming together of creative and technical. The identity uses two hands overlaying a colourful, dynamic background which alludes to the mixing of creativity and technology.

The purple is the ‘central hub’ to the identity and is created by the overlaying colours. The overlaying shapes represent different elements coming together to create the Primary Technical College – ‘pupils, teachers and industry’, ‘play, explore, tinker’

The strapline – Play Teach Create takes the initials to explain the Primary Technical College concept at the most basic level. The concise strapline aligns well with primary education and provides scope for using a handwritten typeface which introduces an element of fun and creativity.