Pooley ‘New’ Bridge Book of Memories

We are pleased to be a part of the The Pooley ‘New’ Bridge Book of Memories and to celebrate, remember and support the local community in Pooley Bridge.

The Book of Memories is filled with the history of the bridge and the people that have lived in the locality. The stories behind why people have wanted to be part of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge are both moving and heart-warming; from proposals and weddings to marking memorable, annual family holidays and immortalising loved ones to local families connected to the area for centuries – these are all now carved in stone.

We worked with freelance marketing consultant Sam Bunting and Barton & Pooley Bridge Parish Council in designing the book. The Pooley ’New’ Bridge paver project was set up as a local community initiative to sell engraved paving stones to be laid on the new bridge. They went on sale November 2019 and quickly sold out raising £50,000.00 for a community fund to support initiatives and projects that will enhance village life for generations to come.

Thanks to MTP and Steve Wray for printing the book.