Diocese of Carlisle, God for All identity

Designworks worked with the Diocese of Carlisle to create the refreshed God for All vision which is being rolled out by four covenanted partners in Cumbria – Anglicans, Methodists, United Reformed Church and Salvation Army – as well as in collaboration with other companion denominations: Roman Catholics, Baptists, Society of Friends, Church of Scotland.

The God for All symbol uses four interlocking leaf shapes or quatrefoil to represent each of the themes. The word quatrefoil means “four leaves”, from Latin quattuor, four, plus folium, a leaf. Quatrefoils are found in art, architecture, heraldry and traditional Christian symbolism. The interlocking leaf shapes use the theme colours to create a white cross at the centre. This emphasises that God is at the heart of the vision refresh. The combined shapes make a complete symbol which signifies wholeness and completeness. The leaf shapes represent growth, vitality and perfection. The God for All logotype uses a sans-serif typeface. The word ‘God’ is a larger point size and reemphasises the key message that God is at the heart of God for All.