Design & Print

We offer clients a complete design & print service by providing graphic design, advertising management/solicitation and print procurement.

Design is our strength and our style can be adapted depending on the client and target market. See our print portfolio for a diverse range of designs in various formats: stationery, poster, calendar, booklet, jigsaw, leaflet, brochure, exhibition stand, DVD, T-shirt and even a cycling kit.

In addition to graphic design and print, we have experience in advertising management and solicitation. We have worked with Eden District Council on their Holiday Guide and Cumbria Tourism on both their Attractions and Food & Drink guides. These projects involved mailing and following-up advertisers and creating and proofing adverts. Over the years we’ve refined our processes, which now includes online booking forms as well as an online proofing system.

The final process is print procurement. Due to the range of print formats, we work with a select group of suppliers. Some of which, we have a working relationship that spans two decades.

Graphic design for print requires more than just design; expertise in conceptualising, copywriting, photography and illustration are all essential skills. Because we can provide the idea, words and images it means the design process is more efficient and cost effective.