What is Slider revolution?

Slider Revolution is a plugin used on your site to display images on your site, usually this will be for a large home page slider but can also be used for banner images and carousels. There is a WP Bakery element for Slider Revolution.

Updating a Slide Image

The most likely thing that you will want to do is update an image of a slide or add an additional slide.

Note: you will need to have your image already cropped to the correct dimensions

To update a slide, firstly you will need to have the ‘slide options’ selected and, if not already selected, click on the ‘background’ icon

Under ‘source’ the type should already be ‘image’, click on media library

You will then be able to choose an image from the media library or upload a new image.
One you have selected/uploaded an image click ‘insert’.

Then click the save button

Adding a New Slide

To add a new slide, hover over ‘slides’ and a drop down will appear, you can then click the clone icon on an existing slide, after this you can update the image for the slide by following the previous steps.

Editing Text Layers

If you slide has text that you need to edit, first click somewhere on the text

In the right hand panel ‘content’ should be selected and in the Text/Button Layer Content section you will be able to update the text. Make sure you click save after your changes.