Web Hosting

Our web hosting is Semi-Dedicated Cloud Hosting, which is our own multi-server hosting environment.  The Semi-dedicated platform is like being on your own dedicated server but without the associated cost. It provides managed website security, a fast page load speed and scalable website capacity. For heavy resource usage websites, we can provide a high performance hosting solution. Cost will be specific to the individual website.

The benefits of hosting your website and email on our private cloud:

  • A high level of website security. The platform will only host our clients’ websites which will minimise any security risk. A Web Application Firewall will protect your website.
  • A managed email server.  Controlling our own email service means we can monitor any server blacklist status and remove the server from the blacklist. Spam and malicious email filtering can also be monitored. Managing the email server means we’re not bound to restrictions, for example the mailbox size limit or a maximum number of mailboxes for a domain, so there is much more flexibility.
  • SSL certificate included. An SSL is included in the cost of the hosting fee. An SSL will provide site security and, according to Google, having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking
  • A site which is quick to load. The most notable improvement, to the websites on our private cloud hosting platform, is a quick load speed. This is good for both users and SEO ranking.
  • Hourly back-up. All data on the server is securely backed to a secure off-site location.
  • Hosted in the UK. It is hosted in the UK using 100% renewable energy. Having your site on a UK registered IP will benefit your Search Engine Optimisation and load speed within the UK and Europe.

If you are interested in hosting your website and email with Designworks then call us on 01539 723254 or email.