Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Designworks responsive website designFrom mobile browsers to tablets and desktops, users are visiting sites from an increasing array of devices. Responsive Website Design responds to the change in screen size by adjusting the layout of the page. This means a single site fits all screen sizes.

We can develop both new and existing sites using Responsive Website Design (RWD). The benefits of  RWD are:

  • You only have one site to maintain, host and optimise. Having a separate mobile website means you have to manage two websites.
  • The design of the site remains consistent whether viewing on a BlackBerry, iPad or laptop. Mobile sites are often simplified, icon based versions of the desktop site which compromises design and content.
  • The site is easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling on all mobile devices.

If you’re viewing this site on your desktop or laptop, you can see Responsive Web Design in action by reducing the width of the browser window. The reduced width replicates the varying tablet and phone screen sizes and so the site responds accordingly.

Examples of sites using Responsive Web Design:
Livingstons Solicitors
The Lakes International Comic Art Festival
Lakes Alive

If you are interested in developing your own website so it’s mobile and tablet compatible then call us on 01539 723254 or email